Bumpers & Armor

Front end protection is a necessity when travelling to remote locations. Landcruiser NW’s bumpers and armor are designed to provide the protection you need to get in, and get back out again. Our bumpers are designed to mount heavy duty, 8,000 to 9,500 lb. winches. Multiple lighting mount locations, front aluminum skid plate, and easy to install instructions make our unique front bumpers one of a kind.

LCNW FJ Cruiser Bumper

LCNW FJ Cruiser Bumper

Landcruiser NW’s bumpers are built to withstand the vigorous nature of off road use, while keeping a stylish appearance. Our front bumper’s full width design offers superior front end protection from rocks and brush without compromising approach angle.

Landcruiser NW Front Bumper Side View

Landcruiser NW Front Bumper Side View

Landcruiser NW also produces unique sliders and armor for your Landcruiser and FJ Cruiser, whatever the year of your model. Our rock sliders are fabricated using very heavy duty rails that will protect your truck from the harshest punishements. Landcruiser NW sliders are easy to install and don’t require special tools for the weekend installer. Simply put, you will not break these and they will protect your trucks rocker panel and door from anything you can throw at them.

Side by side - FJ Low Profile FJ Cruiser Bumper

Side by side – FJ Low Profile FJ Cruiser Bumper

Our Landcruiser bumpers and rock sliders are constructed of heavy steel and expertly designed to withstand serious off-roading punishment. Our specialty is custom designs and fabrications for Toyota Landcruiser’s and FJ Cruiser’s; but we will work with you on a killer design that looks like nothing else out on the trails. What does your truck needs for protection? Call us today!