Custom Automotive Fabrication

Landcruiser NW Custom Automotive Fabrication

Landcruiser NW custom fabrication service does several types of custom fabrication on offroad trucks and rigs of any make and model. We control the process so we can keep you informed on the progress of the project. We do custom suspension fabrication, custom headers and exhausts, custom chassis, and specialty parts that you may need for your special auto. Custom fabrication is important when you need a part, system, or accessory that is not standard or requires special handling.

Custom Fabrication Services

offered by Landcruiser NorthWest.

LCNW FJ Cruiser Bumper
LCNW FJ Cruiser Bumper
  • Custom Roll Cages
  • Custom Rock Sliders
  • Custom Front Bumpers
  • Custom Rear Bumpers
  • Custom Roof Racks
  • Custom Slide Out Tire Carriers
  • Custom Suspension Components
  • Custom Battery Boxes
  • Rust Repair
  • Chassis Repair
  • Custom Fuel Systems
  • Custom Exhaust Systems

Almost anything that you can imagine; we can build it for you. We have fabricated steering kits and exhaust systems for specialty trucks and for custom buggies and crawlers. We have state of the art welding equipment and the experienced staff that can make the parts that you need. Often a custom project is any non-standard body style part or engine component you want for your truck. We have the facility to build the custom truck that you dream about.

That means we make your parts from the best metal and materials available. The Landcruiser NW’s Custom Metal Fabrication team has made parts for door panels, seat frames, fenders, and window frames. Whatever you need, call today and discuss your project with us. We always pay attention to details so the job is done right the first time.

Landcruiser NorthWest’s Custom Fabrication Team works on Toyota’s, Landcruiser’s, Dodge Ram’s, and many other makes of trucks and custom vehicles. Call us today to discuss your project.

Landcruiser NW’s metal fabrication services can craft top quality truck parts designed for your individual vehicle. Whether a Landcruiser or not, our services include manufacturing parts, welding and repair. We tackle all phases of custom metal work including roll cages to complete tube chassis. We do custom metal fabrication work for Landcruiser’s, rock crawlers, sand buggies, and sport racers like frame work and reinforcements.

The formed and machined parts we make are welded into place in your vehicle then doubled checked for accuracy. Landcruiser NW metal fabrication services specializes in metal fabrications and welding services using the latest and up to date equipment. There are many different methods of welding and we will use the right method for your truck project. Some projects are high maintenance like repairs on rollover vehicles and crushed armor and sliders. No matter what your needs, we have the staff to address the problem. Whatever you’re metal fabrication needs, call us to discuss your project today. We are here to assist you.

We repair and reproduce:

  • Rock Sliders
  • Running Boards
  • Armor
  • Bumpers – Front and Rear
  • Light Bars
  • Tire Carriers and Holders
  • Roll Bars
  • Cages
  • Cross Members
  • High Steer
  • Roof Racks and Cargo Racks
  • Winch Trays
  • Tow Bars and Receivers
  • Light Guards – including custom Landcruiser NW light covers.
  • Recovery Points
  • Cargo Barriers
  • Sleeping Platforms
  • Shackle Reversals
  • Roof Top Tents