Landcruiser NW Disc Brake Conversions

Full service maintenance and fabrication services.
Full service maintenance and fabrication services.

For safety, your brakes are one of the most important parts on your Landcruiser or truck. When brakes fail lives are at risk. So don’t take any chances out there on the road. Our brake professionals offer a complete range of services that help fix your brake problem quickly. Our professionals can easily diagnosis the problem to determine the cause of the brakes malfunction. Landcruiser NW brake services will repair and replace emergency brakes, brake lines, master cylinders, power booster, wheel cylinders, drum, hoses, pads and rotors. Whatever part for the brakes you need fixed we can do the job. So call today for problems with your vehicles brakes.

Landcruiser NW Complete Brake conversion Services works on all type of trucks

There are many good reasons for conversion of your old-fashioned drum brakes for discs. Drum brakes are inherently troublesome. Yhey’re can be damaged by heat, moisture and debris, they offer less stopping power, and they often need regular adjustment.

The Landcruiser NW brake conversion service typically serves up conversions for pre-1975 vehicles because disc brakes didn’t become standard until the ’70s. Disc brakes were first introduced in the 1950s, but didn’t catch on until the mid-1960s, when power brake systems made disc brakes easier to operate. But even most modern trucks still come standard with drums on rear wheels.
Rear drums are cheaper than disc brakes, and since a trucks front brakes do 70 percent of the work, rear brake performance can be sacrificed for cost.

Landcruiser NW brake conversion service is excited to speak with you about your brake needs, whether you are looking for regular service or complete brake conversion for the modern day stopping feel. Call us today!