Restoration Service

Frame-off Restoration

Landcruiser NW Full Frame Off Restore – More pictures below.
Landcruiser NW Full Frame Off Restore – More pictures below.

Landcruiser NorthWest specializes in custom metal fabrications for all Toyota Landcruiser Series. We have a number of specialized custom metal fabrication and welding services to restore your truck to the way it should look. We completely remove all parts of the truck inside and out, clean them, and replace the ones that are necessary. We guarantee that the original factory specifications will match your truck as closely as we can manage.

Landcruiser NorthWest frame off restoration services provide a detailed, quality method of restoring your truck. During the project, your truck is off the road and in our lot so you can’t drive the truck until the project is completed. The first step in the process: Landcruiser NW cleans and inventories all car parts inside and outside the truck. We write detailed notes on what you need and don’t need and focus on fixing the problems and getting the truck in drivable condition. The ultimate goal of the frame off restoration services is to restore your truck to the quality and original condition it once was.

The best way to tackle frame off restoration is to restore your truck in small manageable projects that fit your budget and time frame. Usually when you restore a truck the budget always goes over your limit. Landcruiser NW focuses on the details and doing quality work no matter what series Landcruiser or truck you own.

Landcruiser NorthWest frame off restoration services include inventorying, photographing and replacing the following:

  • External parts like spare tires, jacks and providing a full set of the best quality factory tools when needed. These items are what gives you a quality restoration.
  • Electrical parts like the rear and front lights, turn signals, and anything visible on the outside of the car.
  • Exhaust systems often involve ripping out the entire system and replacing it. We have the expert knowledge to do the job right.
  • Fuel systems like gas tanks, fuel lines, pumps, and evaporation controls.
  • Metal work like chrome, stainless steel, any polished metal within or outside the vehicle that must be cleaned or replaced.
  • Interior work includes ignition, radio, upholstery and even air conditioning are included. Details, details, and more details are what the frame off restoration service is all about.
  • Engines, hoses, transmissions, radiators and cooling systems.
  • Glass removed and cleaned and stored until the job is done correctly.
  • Outer body work like metal hoods and doors where its important to know where the original parts were, so we carefully mark them as we go.

Landcruiser NW specializes in custom metal fabrication and welding services. Our services are about the details of the truck you are fixing. We photograph and catalog all projects and parts of your car to get the job done correctly. Call us today for an appointment to discuss your frame off restoration project.

Partial Automotive Restoration

Frame Off Restoration by Landcruiser NW of a 1977 FJ 40 Landcruiser.
Frame Off Restoration by Landcruiser NW of a 1977 FJ 40 Landcruiser.

Landcruiser NW has partial restoration services for those who want a small job done right. There is no inexpensive restoration job but sometimes you own a Landcruiser or truck that just needs minor outside work or interior additions. This can be as simple as installing new upholstery inside the car to adding chrome detail outside. No partial restoration job is too small or complicated for the Landcruiser NW partial restoration service to tackle. We have the qualified staff to help you with any project you are looking to complete.

For a partial restoration we will look at the vehicle and estimate how much the project will cost including labor and parts. Most of the time, projects will be more expensive than what you expected so remember that good parts and quality labor cost money. Many projects run into more complications than expected.

Usually on these projects, the frame is left attached to the truck body but smaller components can be removed like the interior, engine or brakes to fix. These parts are removed and restored, then, put back into the cruiser. Depending on what you are looking to have completed, we will try to find the original parts for the truck that you are restoring. If you have a large project, we can break it into manageable parts to fit your budget and time schedule.

A partial restoration can be new leather upholstery put into your truck. Perhaps your truck is running great but you want new chrome bumpers added, this could be considered a partial restoration. The interior of your truck needs some new paneling added or the engine needs some work…. Whatever your needs, the Landcruiser NW partial restoration services will get the job.

Call today for an estimate or to discuss your special project.