Landcruiser Northwest is located at 3200 NW St. Helens Road, Portland, OR 97210. (503) 224-5115 Map & Directions

The Rooftop Tent Trailer (RTT) is part of a weekend of pure, unadulterated awesome! A unique and exciting camping adventure that gets you off the ground at night with space for all your gear. Designed to handle your terrain without compromise.

You’ll experience the thrill and excitement of your outdoor adventure like never before with more time to explore and less time to set up camp. The best part is that when you are done, you just return the camping trailer to us and that’s it.

At the end of the day, you’ll feel exhilarated and know a good night sleep is just 15 minutes away. Yes, that is how long it takes to get the LCNW camping trailer set up for the night. Each trailer is unique and offers different sleeping accommodations for your camping party. Call us today for reservations!